A Seamless Utility by Which to Share Information of All Types

The digitization of data, the speed of processors and the abundance and near ubiquity of inexpensive broadband is converging in our time to yield a seamless utility by which to share information of all types. The possibilities are endless; we are particularly interested in how this utility will affect medical research and healthcare.


The Seattle Science Foundation began as a collaborative effort between David Sabey, Dr. Mark Reisman of Swedish’s Heart and Vascular Institute and Joanie Block, former manager of Neuroscience Research and Education at the Seattle Neuroscience Institute. The common vision was : 1) a center for physician education and training, conducted in a neutral environment that would foster communication and collaboration among medical professionals and industry and 2) a robust audio/visual production capability with access to an expansive international network and ample connectivity to transmit images and learning from the best in the medical world to those eager to learn, adopt, and improve upon their techniques.

Today SSF has achieved that vision, hosting events and training sessions, some of which are broadcast around the world.


In addition to pursuing Seattle Science Foundation’s core mission, Joanie Block, Chief Operating Officer of the Seattle Science Foundation, has developed a program to bring medical science to kids – or kids to medical science! The program is a hands-on, experiential approach to introducing young students to the fundamentals of human biology – they dissect hearts, handle brains and receive instruction from some of the foremost physicians and surgeons at Swedish Medical Center Cherry Hill. The students meet in the Seattle Science Foundation in a simulated operating room environment, don scrubs, gloves and masks and get ready to learn.

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