Perhaps because Seattle is a relatively young city, we at Sabey appreciate “old bones”. We particularly enjoy bringing them back to useful life while maintaining the charm of their past.

Sabey has done a number of these transformations: The old Western Farmers’ Coop became Elliott Park which presides over Myrtle Edwards Park on the bay just north of downtown Seattle and the Providence Hospital known as the 1910 building became the fabulous James Tower at Swedish Cherry Hill campus, to name a couple.

Most recently, we’ve been working on the Original Rainier Brewery in Georgetown, one of Seattle’s most colorful neighborhoods and just south of downtown Seattle. The Brewery has become very popular among artists, craftsmen of various types and practitioners of law and various kinds of design and services. Fran’s Chocolates has just announced plans to create its new production facility with a retail presence at the landmark Brew House.

The Original Rainier Brewery comprises several parts: The Bottling Plant, the Malt House, the Brew House, and the General Office.

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