Sabey Story

Sabey Corporation was founded in 1971 – by any measure, the beginning of a challenging period for Seattle. The Boeing Company had laid off 65,000 workers at a time when Boeing accounted for 1 in every three jobs in the region. An iconic billboard appeared: “Will the last person leaving Seattle turn out the lights.” Yet difficult times create opportunity. Since that formative time, Sabey has followed business cycles diligently while searching out industries that create value – particularly through innovation.

Early 70’s
  • Boeing lays off 60,000 workers prompting the posting of a now iconic billboard: ”Will the last person leaving Seattle turn out the lights.”
  • David Sabey opens the doors of his real estate development company.
Mid 70’s
  • Undertakes several major developments for The Boeing Company
Late 70’s
  • Builds ADP’s first data center
Early 80’s
  • Continues development for Boeing, becoming its largest landlord
Mid 80’s
  • Leads the lower Queen Anne biotech boom with development of Elliott Park
  • Develops McCaw Cellular’s Network Operations Center
Late 80’s
   Sabey Builds:

  • Boeing Electronics clean room for the manufacturing of gallium arsenide chips
  • U.S. Army’s Helicopter simulator at Fort Lewis
  • Starbucks first non-store roasting plant at Park 90/5
  • Smith Kline Beecham Medical Laboratory
Early 90’s
  • Builds the Aquatic Center for the Seattle-Soviet Goodwill Games
Mid 90’s
  • Builds state of the art United States Postal Service hub facility.
  • Develops first Intergate technology campuses – Intergate.East & Intergate.West.
Late 90’s
  • Develops and constructs the Exodus Communications building at Intergate.East
Early 2000’s
  • Partners with Swedish Medical Center to establish the Cherry Hill Medical Campus, a global center for Neuroscience and cardio-vascular specialties
Mid 2000’s
  • Establishes the largest private data center campus on the West Coast
Late 2000’s
  • Develops and builds Intergate.Columbia in Central Washington. The 438,000 sf facility is begun in April 2008 and completed in December 2008 along with tenant improvements for two internationally known tenants.