About Sabey Properties


Sabey Data Centers is one of the oldest and largest privately owned multi-tenant data center operator/developers in the world. Being privately-owned may mean that ours is never a household name, but to us, it means a complete focus on building value by serving one customer at a time.

Sabey Data Centers grew out of Sabey Corporation’s forty year history as a designer, builder and operator for leading innovators of the day: Boeing Electronics’ clean rooms, ADP’s first data center, McCaw Cellular’s first cell phone switches, and Exodus Communications, provider of the world’s first internet colocation services —all were breaking new ground in industries of world-wide importance.

Today, with more than two million square feet of mission critical space and another one and a half million under development, Sabey Data Centers continues to serve the world’s most exciting and exacting enterprises and institutions with customized data center solutions that are efficient, reliable and quick to market.

And trusted. Our clients’ satisfaction is our most prized asset; we’re committed to it from the beginning with design/build through construction into commissioning and operations with our superb critical environment management team. Our clients think of us as a trusted partner.

Contact us to find out why.