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Directed by Values, Enriched by Community

"Do the Right Thing" tops the list of our core values at Sabey, and that ethos directs every project and every decision we make as an organization and individuals within the organization. As such, we’re dedicated to lifting up our communities, supporting our team members and building a better world.

At Sabey, we believe it’s our responsibility to be a force for good in the world, but especially in the communities we call home. With every new project, we understand that we’ll have an impact in that area, and we’re dedicated to making sure that impact is enriching and meaningful for the community.

Green Data Centers

Efficiency is good for the planet, good for the community and good for business.

With each passing year, more organizations seek out green data center providers. They do this for two reasons: to reduce overhead and (more importantly) to reflect their values as an organization. With the ever-increasing demand for storage and compute, purpose-built, sustainable data centers have become an inextricable element of a green tech future.

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A group of wind turbines in a green field.

Healthcare of the Future

A wellness to all that ails

Healthcare is something that our founder, Dave Sabey, holds dear. Optimizing the happiness and overall well-being in one’s life can be one of the, if not the, most important things any of us do. That’s why Sabey is proud to be partnered with forward thinking healthcare organizations like Seattle Science Foundation and Optispan.

Doctors in masks looking over an operating table.

Community Enrichment

Community building goes hand-in-hand with our values and our organizational goals

It’s only right that when we move into a new town with a new construction project, that we respect the community that we’re coming into. Between service work, hiring local and engagement with regional organizations and governing boards, we’re committed to enriching every community that we call "home".

Young volunteer using a bucket in a river for salmon repopulation
The corner of a large building with tall windows and a blue sky in the background.

Central Washington is changing the world. This community's collective efforts positively impact Washington State, the West Coast, and the nation. What we are doing here is actually shaping the entire world for the better." - John Sabey

– John Sabey | CEO of Sabey Corporation


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