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Mikel Hansen

Chief Operating Officer

Mikel Hansen’s experience with large, complex properties was established prior to joining Sabey, when he spent nearly 20 years managing some of the nation’s largest shopping malls. He eventually returned to his home in the Northwest to manage Southcenter Mall, the largest mall in Washington.

For the past seventeen years he has led the Sabey Property Management Team and is responsible for the management and operations of Sabey’s over four million-square-foot diverse portfolio including commercial, office, medical, warehouse and data center uses. As part of Sabey’s Development group, Mr. Hansen has taken the lead in executing complex entitlement efforts, negotiating land acquisitions, property sales and re-zonings. He leads Sabey’s improvement initiatives such as utility installations and transportation support improvements.

Mr. Hansen serves as Sabey’s representative to a variety of municipalities and agencies. His energy and commitment to the community is exemplary. He works closely with local jurisdictions and with social initiatives that contribute to the growth and well-being of the communities with which Sabey partners.