Data Centers



Sabey Data Centers designs, builds, owns and operates data centers – providing powered shell space, colocation and build-to-suit data centers for clients of all sizes. Build-out your custom deployment within a powered shell or lease space in a commissioned, full service colocation data center.

Expert Critical Environment Management
Sabey Data Centers’ campuses are managed by a critical environment operations team, hand-picked through an exhaustive interview process for technical mastery. Each member of this highly disciplined team has the passion and drive for outstanding customer service and support.

Future-proof Modular Design
Sabey Data Centers’ modular design gives you room to expand incrementally. And as you grow, each campus is amply provisioned to meet your requirements for power, bandwidth and cooling.

Energy Efficient Design
Every client’s requirements for uptime and availability vary. Sabey Data Centers offers a full range of colocation services, from data lab-type space to full concurrently maintainable systems.

Variable Service Tiers Fit Your Needs
Controlled costs are a corollary to efficient management. Sabey Data Centers’ operations team is involved from the very beginning of campus and building design to help incorporate the best methods of delivering efficient energy. The continual search for better ways to provide more energy for less cost has resulted in lower energy bills, low PUE ratios, utility incentives and industry recognition for superior design and management.

Comprehensive Design/Build Services
Sabey Data Centers is unique among data center owners, offering a full integration of expert design/build capability through its affiliate, Sabey Construction, Inc (SCI). Over its 40 year history, SCI has built more than 30 million square feet of commercial property – much of it for highly technical projects in the military, aeronautic, healthcare and medical research industries as well as two million square feet of data center space with one and a half million currently under development.